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JPlayer Styles in Zurb’s Foundation

I am implementing a site that streams some audio. I was planning on using jPlayer and when I loaded it up on the page the styles were all broken and the buttons were not displaying properly. There is a conflict with the button styles that Foundation uses and the button styles in jPlayer. I added the following css to my jPlayer css file to fix the issue:

/* to fix the button issue that conflicts with Foundation */
.jp-controls button, .jp-controls .button , .jp-volume-controls button, .jp-volume-controls .button, .jp-toggles button, .jp-toggles .button {
 padding: 0; 
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How to filter by date on

I like using so much that I actually use it for home and business. Sometimes it is nice to filter by date when viewing the transaction list, but there is no default way to do this as far as I can tell. I searched their support and also came up empty, so I came up with my own way that works fairly well:

  1. On the dashboard, go to ‘Trends’ in the top menu. You can play around here for a minute if you want to, but the real goal is to set the time period to your desired time period. I think you are limited to whole months, but that is sufficient in most cases.
  2. Once you have the time period you want, click on the link on the left that says ‘search these transactions’.
  3. This takes you to the transaction page and limits the results based on the selected time period. From here you can edit your search all you want, just don’t mess with the time period.

If there is a better way, I would love to hear about it.

Internet Explorer Won’t Download Delivered Files

Today I came across an issue where Internet Explorer 9, and maybe some earlier versions, won’t download files that were delivered off SSL with PHP or ColdFusion. I was very frustrated as I have been securely delivering files this way for a long time. I eventually found the solution in a forum –

This is what worked for me to resolve the exact issue you are having, and may be useful for anyone else in the same position:

Firstly – Note: this answer only relates to people who are having trouble downloading non-IE files over SSL (https://), such as .exe, .pdf, .msi etc.

Go to Internet Options in IE9 (Tools > Internet Options) or click the cog in the top right of the Browser and go to Internet Options.

1. Choose the Advanced Tab
2. Scroll down to Security
3. Un-check Do not save encrypted pages to disk

You should now be able to download the file that IE9 won’t download.

Have fun.

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Email is not a Social Network

In June 2006 MySpace was the most popular social network. It was overtaken in 2008 by Facebook, which officially launched in 2004. Google Buzz launched a few years later in 2010 – mostly an add-on to Gmail. These are just a handful of some of the most popular social networks. They allowed people to share thoughts, links, photos, recommendations – the list goes on and on. Different sites allow for different groups (or Networks, if you will) that can be set up for sharing various tidbits. The proliferation of these sites means we can stop using email for this type of sharing, and use it for what it was meant to be used for – useful communication.

In the past two days I have received probably about 7 emails with  random links and comments, and I am sure many of you have received many more. As much as I enjoy these, I think that they are more appropriately placed on facebook, or another network, where I can access them and check them out when I want to. There is a hierarchy to how we communicate, and some things aren’t quite worthy of email.

Back in the day you would have to visit, or call on, someone to communicate with them. You would stop by their house or shop and talk to them. Eventually you could write letters, and then call, and finally email. Each of these things has found its place in the social hierarchy. Sure, some people prefer a phone call to an email, or some people will poke their head in my office, rather than calling.

I am proposing a new addition to this hierarchy – the passive world of social networking. Some things deserved to be ‘posted’ for others to look at when they have time. Email in the workplace is rising, and so is its status. It does not need to be cluttered with such things as links to the Double Rainbow video on Youtube.

Why else would Google have created Buzz?


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HighEdWeb 2010

I am just finishing up my time here at HighEdWeb 2010, here in Cincinnati. I work remotely for Xavier University, also located in Cincinnati, so I had the best of both worlds, being a local and being from out of town. It was a good conference this year, with a sold-out crowd who showed up in high numbers for conference and non-conference happenings.

I saw some great presentations on cool things that universities across the US are doing as part of their web presence, and some presentations on what not to do. I also had the opportunity to present on some of the things that we do at Xavier.

As one of the usually few, but proud, ColdFusion users I spent a fair amount of time defending our use of CF. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about CF, usually stemming from what it was like in 2001. In case you missed it, it has changed a bit since then!

Next year the conference is in Austin, and I am already brainstorming ideas that could win Xavier their first red stapler (best of track) award.

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I just learned about a device that exists called the Gboard, I have never seen or heard of anything like it, and I think it rocks. How cool to have a keyboard just for Gmail shortcuts? Bluetooth would be good, but maybe that will come out with the next one.

Ever seen anything like this? Let me know.


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I keep a lot of stuff on my machine and I am not interested in spending a lot of money on an external backup solution, so I decided to give MozyHome a try. I like the offsite nature of it, and the fact that I don’t have to do anything other than install their little app.

What I would love to see from the program is the ability to archive files. I have a bunch of pictures that are not on my local machine that I would love to backup off site.

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The Wilderness Downtown

This is awesome – . I really enjoy Arcade Fire.

To make it cooler plug in an address that has good coverage in Google Maps. I had originally plugged in the address of the house where I grew up, but it did not do so well.



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Gmail’s Paging Buttons

I like Gmail, especially the interface. I feel like every time I use it I discover a slick new aspect to the interface. One thing I don’t like is the paging buttons, to move back and forth between older and newer messages. Almost every time I need to move back a screen I end up scrolling the ad that is right above my messages. I think that a little more separation would be good, or somehow calling more attention to the paging buttons, rather than the ad scroller.

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Search and Replace

One thing I love about WordPress is that someone has always done what I need to do, and oftentimes they created a plugin to do it. Most recently I was preparing a site that I developed on one URL to move to another URL and I wanted to make all of the in-content links and image references relative to the site root, rather than absolute. I use the Search and Replace plugin to clean things up in a matter of seconds – nice!